Ground Rules

Our approach to development is guided by a short set of simple ground rules.

Rule 1: Do-it-yourself. 
Seek total mastery, and technical ownership by rolling up our sleeves.  Avoid turnkey solutions unless there are no other viable options.

Rule 2: Eliminate or minimize cost.
Look to breathe new life into old things.  Make use of the great free and nearly free resources available to us in this time.  Always try to use open source software, learn from it, and contribute back to it either in gratitude or technical contributions.

Rule 3: Certifications and designations do not demonstrate mastery.
Certifications and designations absolutely have their place.  I have earned them in my career. However, we will not seek certification or designation as a way of demonstrating technical ability in this space.  Rather, we leave in our wake completed projects, and the lessons we learn in success and overcoming stumbling blocks.

Rule 4: Be a craftsman or craftswoman.
Be patient. We take our time and practice true quality.  We resist the urge to rush through our work.  We prefer the classic to the romantic view of craftsmanship which demands comfort with ambiguity and doing it right–even if it takes longer.

Rule 5: Be humble and transparent (HAT)
Share our learnings and mistakes.  Openly admit when we don’t know.  Don’t try to project competency or experience beyond our current level.